Indian Catering in Kent

Our offering is wedding standard food with authentic Indian flavours served via our home dining menu.
Traditional Indian food is different to what you may have ever experienced before from other Indian takeaways or restaurants.

We cook fresh to time and try not to use red chilli powder which may give your heartburn amongst other things!!

We use fresh chilli and vegetables, our sauces and gravy are cooked fresh each day and when we sell out it’s gone, so don’t be surprised if from time to time we have to remove certain dishes from the menu.
We use chicken thigh and not breast meat, as the thigh is a juicer cut and does not dry out, our lamb is not mutton so not as chewy or grizzly.

We hope you enjoy your food, remember we are based in Gravesend so our customers from local villages and towns please where possible, pre-ordered from 1 pm so we can adhere to your delivery times and group drop-offs in your rural locations.

By ordering a takeaway you will also be added to our member’s database so you can also book a table for our fine dining restaurant and sample our fusion dishes, attentive service and elegant exclusive ambience of Legion rooms.

Pre-order from 1pm on the day you require delivery or collection 01474 887150 (option 2)

Delivery or collection times can be selected from 5pm onwards

Wednesday        5pm to 10pm
Thursday            5pm to 10pm
Friday                 5pm to 10pm
Saturday            5pm to 10pm
Sunday               3pm to 8pm

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Call us on 01474 887 150 (option 2)

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